Seychelles: Journey to Paradise

The Seychelles is for many people synonymous with paradise on earth and for cause, the landscapes are really, but then really fantastic. The granite blocks that fall in turquoise waters, the coconut palms gently bent, the lush vegetation offers dream visions every look.

We decided to make a mix of several islands for this trip La Digue, Praslin by finishing with Mahé.

How to get there?

We left the meeting with the airline Air Austral which has links twice a week to Mahé.
Once there to reach La Digue we opted for the plane to Praslin then the boat to La Digue. We have booked airfare directly with Air Seychelles which offers several flights a day in Twin Otter. The journey lasts 25mn and they will cost you about €110 per person to go back. Attention to the size and weight of your luggage the bunkers are very small.
To connect Praslin to La Digue we took the taxi first, since the port is located at about 35-40mn from the airport then the boat. There are several ferries per day and you can buy your tickets directly on the carrier’s website, the price is €28 go back per person.
The roads are very correct in Seychelles but the taxis very expensive and difficult to negotiate, the fares of the routes are often already fixed in advance. Forget your bargaining skills in this country…


For French nationals there is no visa required.


The Seychelles is more than 100 granitic islands and Coral paradises. Among these only a few are accessible the most famous being Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. Tourism is the main resource of Seychelles everything here is done to attract the onlooker. There are also two fares, the tourist fare and the Seychelles fare that can only be obtained with a resident card. The Seychelles is less than 100 000, despite everything there are houses perched along the roads on the whole island of Mahé and you have to go to the heights, to the dike or Praslin to find places still pristine. However the Seychelles have a big policy of preserving the environment and many islands are classified as shrines and inaccessible


Seychelles is a country where there are no major illnesses, water is potable, there are no poisonous or dangerous animals it is almost sanitized. Still think about taking the anti-mosquito like on all the tropical islands.
The only real enemy here is the sun. Protect yourself with high-index sunscreen if you don’t want to finish crayfish color to squirm by putting your T-shirt on or as soon as the shower water gets a little too hot.


The Seychelles produce very few vegetables and import many products in consequence the prices are soaring. Their fish are on the other hand delicious and they have many fruits. Be aware that every meal will cost you an arm especially if you drink alcohol.


You can imagine that the Seychelles are really turned to the ocean and therefore most of the activities will be aquatic, dives, surfing, big fishing, boat… They are nevertheless possible to make a lot of steps on all the islands and many deserted coves are only accessible on foot and allow you to spend a moment on a truly deserted Paradise beach. On each island there are visits to make that will be worth a visit. On La Digue go see the tortoises at Union Estate before joining Anse Source d’argent (100 rupees the entrance… YES), go further than Grande Anse and stroll towards Petite Anse and Coco Cove You will not regret it. On Praslin go visit the Valley of May and its coco buttocks world-famous. On Mahé many walks are offered to you like that of Danzil to Anse Major.

Our opinion

We loved the Seychelles, the scenery is fantastic and it’s really a nice trip to make in love. Our advice: Do not try to do everything and concentrate on an island to appreciate it thoroughly we would have preferred to spend more time at the dike than to do all the islands without really seeing anything. In short plan a substantial budget for the food and the next but prepare to spend a moment of pure relaxation… A taste of what you expect if you are wise in this life?


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    Samantha Nordien
    October 10, 2018 at 8:50 am

    Thank you for all your advice, I’m from Cape Town and thinking of going to Seychelles soon. We will try and find an all inclusive resort 🐠🍉

    I’m happy to spend all my time on the beach!

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