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When we travel we love to find nice places to eat, have a drink and go out. When we went to Paris recently we dreamed of going to Shaka Poke rue du Louvre. We regularly followed the story of @eperdumence and Shaka poke on Instagram and each post teased our appetite. And in addition the bosses are from Reunion Island.

The menu

At the same time the concept is super tempting. The Poké are Hawaiian specialties based on rice, raw fish and vegetables served in a bowl. It’s really the food trend of the moment. Indeed it’s pretty, appetizing, ultra healthy and really balanced.

A la carte you have the choice between the 4 Signature pokes:

-SHAKA (Quinoa, avocado, red onion, radish, herbs, citrus, wakame algae, sesame seeds)

-ORIGINAL (round rice, avocado, red onions, cucumber, carrot, cébette, sesame, soy sauce)

-Spicy (Italian black rice, jalapeño, turnip, cébette, fried onions, spicy sauce)

-JUNGLE (Quinoa, arugula, mushrooms, carrot, radish, peanuts, tamarind sauce)

or let your imagination run free and compose your bowl yourself with a starch base (black rice, white rice, quinoa…), a protein (raw or marinated fish, chicken, prawns…) and super fresh vegetables. A topping sauce and seeds and here is a fresh, healthy meal filled with flavors for a very small price.

For dessert you can choose

-SWEET POKE mango (white cheese 0%, organic Granola Catherine Kluger, Mango)

or the

-SWEET POKE banana (Quinoa with coconut milk, banana, organic granola Catherine Kluger, maple syrup)

Our choice

We opted for personal poké with black rice, raw tuna, edamame, avocado, wakame for bran, mix two rice, wakame, avocado, green onions, oinons fried and spicy sauce for me.

It was really very very good, hearty and really fresh.

Our opinion

We loved the cleanliness of the place, the quality of service and the friendliness of the staff. We loved the fact of being able to compose an infinity of different Poké with fresh, quality and really healthy products. This is really the type of restaurant we love and we are really happy to know this address on Paris.

In conclusion

We will come back very regularly to eat there because we love the concept and ambience of the place, the food is divine and very affordable. That’s why we highly recommend this restaurant.

A huge thank you to @eperdumence who is the author of all the photos of the article for his welcome. It was a pleasure to share this moment with you.

You can find here the website Shaka Poke

And here the address

Go with your eyes closed.

Good appetite to all….

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